His Girlfriend Is Leaving Him Because She Has Feelings For One Of Her Married Patients She Met While In Medical School, And She Took A Bunch Of Photos Of The Guy While He Was Asleep In His Hospital Bed

A 29-year-old man was dating his 29-year-old girlfriend until she broke up with him recently for a pretty crazy and very unethical reason.

He was with his girlfriend for 4 years, and they actually grew up together since their families were really close.

He thinks his girlfriend is the sweetest person, and even though they never really had a serious conversation about what their future together would look like, he’s devastated to lose her.

His girlfriend is currently a medical student completing her residency. He began noticing things between them were not so great.

His girlfriend was becoming more distant emotionally, and it turns out she’s no longer in love with him at all because she fell for someone else entirely.

This someone else happens to be a married patient in the hospital she’s working at.

“Before we talked I saw lots of pictures that were taken of him at the hospital and he was asleep in all of them so it’s clear those were taken without consent and he might not have been aware,” he explained.

“Also They were in a private camera folder called “private cam” and from what she said and looking at the text log and her attempts at starting conversations under a fake name I’ve come to realize it’s probably one-sided and my ex-girlfriend is the one initiating.”

“I don’t know much about what she does since she’s big on confidentiality but honestly felt disgusted and had the urge to report her to her hospital with all the stuff I found in her phone but I started having second guesses because she might end up losing everything she worked hard for before she even gets it you know.” –

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