His Girlfriend’s Friends Are Dating Finance Bros And After His Girlfriend Freaked Out On Him For Not Being Able To Spend That Kind Of Money On Her, He Replied That Maybe He Would If She Was Younger, Skinnier, And Blonde

New York, New York. A 31-year-old man began dating his 30-year-old girlfriend in January of this year.

They live in New York City, and they were going to move in with one another after his girlfriend’s lease ended.

He thought things were going really well between them, and they both were very happy together…up until recently.

He works as a business analyst/data scientist and he makes more than 6 figures, but he said it’s “nothing crazy.” Considering how he was raised though, he’s done well for himself.

His girlfriend has a job in client relations/operations and she makes around 60% of what he does.

It’s important to set the financial stage here because money is currently the one thing tearing them both apart.

Now, his girlfriend has these 2 younger friends, Kate and Ash, who are 23 and 24. Kate and Ash started becoming friends with a few guys who then invited them to some finance bro parties.

At those parties, Kate and Ash wound up meeting their boyfriends, who both work in finance. He looked on GlassDoor, and Kate and Ash’s boyfriend make easily three times more than what he does.

He has overheard Kate and Ash’s boyfriends talking about living the high life; they go to Nobu (which is an absurdly expensive restaurant), they get tables at clubs, and they vacation in the Hamptons.

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