She Told Her Sister She’s The Reason She Will Never Adopt Kids And She’s Asking The Internet If Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Said That

Becky also threatened to file a restraining order against them if they tried to talk to her. She also went off and got married, but nobody knew that she had since she cut them all out of her life.

When Becky turned 26, her biological mom died, and then her biological dad started using drugs again and passed away several months after that.

Left without her biological parents, Becky decided it was time to get back together with her adopted parents, and they were happy to take her back into their lives.

She cannot just welcome Becky back the way her mom and dad did though, and she still hasn’t been able to get over what Becky did to all of them.

Recently, she and her husband welcomed a baby into their family after 6 years of going through IVF.

She took her baby to meet everyone at a family dinner and explained to her family that she is now trying to have another child.

“Becky made a comment about why we didn’t look into adoption since the world was already overpopulated I told her, “honestly we thought about it but after all the sh*t you pulled I’m afraid you’re the reason I will never adopt,” she continued.

Becky lost it on her, insisting she needed to move on, and then she stormed out.

Her mom thinks she should not have spoken to Becky the way that she did, and so, she wound up leaving the family dinner not long after Becky did.

Her biological siblings think she’s not in the wrong at all, but her mom and dad are absolutely furious with her.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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