This Mom Put Her Child On A Leash At A Park And She’s Asking The Internet If She Really Is A Bad Mom After Her Neighbors Got Upset With Her

A mom has a 2-year-old son who is essentially nonverbal at this stage in his life. Her son’s doctors assume that he most likely has autism or ADHD, though they have not yet confirmed one of those since her son is still too young for them to be positive.

She does have her son in therapy and she’s doing everything that she can to help him thrive.

One of the biggest issues she has with her son though is that he runs away constantly. He will be holding her hand one minute, then drops it and takes off the next.

He is also able to unbuckle out of his stroller and takes off running that way too. She has tried her best to hold tightly to his hand, which doesn’t work, because if she’s too firm he gets distressed, and anyway, he’s always able to get away.

“My son does not understand that running away is bad and he is not scared and he will not cry or seem distressed,” she explained.

“He is also very fast and slippery. I have asthma and a health condition.”

“After one incident on vacation where he unbuckled himself and ran into the street, I finally got him one of those backpack leashes with a furry animal and a strap to hold him.”

She let her son pick out the backpack that he wanted, and they have been using it for a month now without any problems.

It gives her son the freedom to walk away from her in a safe way since the leash attaches to her wrist and he can never truly get away from her.

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