This Outrageous Engagement Announcement Went Viral On Twitter For All Of The Blatant Red Flags

“Similarly, as gold is refined only through intense heat and flame, Matthew’s strength of will derives from enduring decades of pathological contempt, deceit and hypocrisy. They failed to break him,” they wrote.

Jennifer is also described as “overjoyed” to provide her future husband with “the unconditional love, undying respect and gratifying intimacy like no man has ever experienced.”

The final sentence is the most ironic. While most of the announcement’s readers are shaking their heads, the couple wrote, “To put it simply: They won.”

It’s clear that they believe this, but the Twitter community thinks very differently.

The viral Tweet received fifty-five thousand likes and tons of replies.

“Found some decorations for their wedding,” wrote one user, who included numerous red flag emojis.

“I hope their new home has a spare bedroom for all the baggage they are bringing to the marriage,” commented another user.

The original Tweeter also dove deeper into the couple’s history. Apparently, Matthew is the editor of an anti-Semitic organization and is very homophobic. That sadly explains this horrendous announcement.

To see the full engagement announcement Twitter thread, click here.

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