This Puppy Was Dumped Outside Of A Store When He Was Just A Few Weeks Old And Now His Mom Is Trying To Raise The Money He Needs To Fix A Hole In His Mouth

“With relief, we were told this malocclusion would correct itself as he lost his puppy teeth. Unfortunately, that would not be the case and the hole in the roof (soft pallet) of his mouth continues to grow not only larger but deeper, almost protruding into his nasal cavity.”

Drax is in desperate need of oral surgery that will fix this and help relieve him of the pain and discomfort that he’s now in.

GoFundMe; pictured above is a recent photo of Drax

While Drax waits for his surgery, Brianna has to soak his food to make sure he can eat it, and it breaks her heart to have to see Drax struggle.

Drax’s surgery is set for December 22nd, and it’s estimated to cost around $3,000.

“So this boy will be ready for Christmas with a new smile and new adventures ahead,” Brianna continued.

“We are thrilled to be pushed forward but we are desperately needing help.”

If you would like to help Brianna cover the costs of Drax’s surgery to fix his mouth, you can do that here.

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