After Her Sister Tried To Hook Up With Her Fiancé Behind Her Back, She Decided Not To Invite Her To Her Wedding

A 21-year-old woman is engaged to her 23-year-old fiancé, whom she has been with for 3 years now.

She has a sister who is a year younger than her, and when she started to date her fiancé, she and her sister were pretty close.

Unfortunately, when her sister was almost 18, has had an enormous disagreement with their family, and her sister wound up running away from their family home.

Then, her sister got involved with an abusive guy who was 7 years older than her.

Although her sister wasn’t really on speaking terms with their family, she made it a point to keep speaking to her since she was afraid she might need some kind of help at some point.

She was right about that, and her sister wound up staying at her house for several evenings recently.

“During this time, she told my fiancé that she used to have a crush on him when he and I first started dating,” she explained.

Several months after her sister said this to her fiancé, her sister sent her a text message asking her for help again because her boyfriend had put his hands on her.

She was at work when her sister sent the text, so she asked her fiancé if he would be able to go get her sister and make sure that she was ok.

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