He Let His Girlfriend Think That They Were Moving In Together And His Roommate Was The One Who Told Her That Wasn’t Going To Happen: Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Should Have Broken The News To His Girlfriend Sooner

A guy has a girlfriend who currently lives in a dorm, but after she graduates in June with her degree in political science, she thought they were going to move in together.

His girlfriend has brought up moving in with him multiple times, but he never replied back to her since he figured he had 6 months to decide what to do.

He did think of moving out of where he does now and in with his girlfriend, but he does have a great situation that he would have to give up.

He lives in an enormous house that has 5 bedrooms, and it’s owned by his roommate Mindy’s grandparents.

The house has a library, a heated pool, and even an indoor conservatory. He knows he lucked out getting to live here, and he met Mindy when they were in college together.

Not that long ago, his girlfriend began creating issues with his roommates. She believes in zero waste, and she’s been coming over to their house and preaching about it to everyone.

Then she started taking things further.

“Recently my girlfriend has been making herself at home like it’s her place,” he explained. “She told Mindy, who likes to take baths in the evening, that it’s terrible for the environment.”

“She can hear Mindy, who has the rooms above mine, take a bath.”

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