He Told His Girlfriend She Goes To The Doctor Too Much And Now That She’s Refusing To Speak To Him He’s Asking The Internet If He Was Out Of Line

A 26-year-old man has been in a relationship with his 25-year-old girlfriend for a year, and one of the things about her that bothers him the most is that he thinks she goes to the doctor too much.

His girlfriend goes to the doctor at least once or twice each month.

“She claims that she’s having lots of health issues (hypotension, chronic migraines, a minor heart condition),” he explained.

“They all seem like minor issues (except her migraines) and I feel like she’s causing more harm than good by pumping her body full of pills.”

Recently, his girlfriend got stomach ulcers from all the medications that she is taking. Then she had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotics that she is also on.

The reaction that his girlfriend had to the antibiotics was so terrible, she wound up with a high fever and she was very confused too.

“The next morning I decided to talk to her about her frequent trips to the doctor,” he said. “I told her that taking too much medication might compromise her health further.”

“That I haven’t met someone else that frequents the doctor as much as she does. And I also bought up the fact that health care is expensive… and asked her how she’s planning on sustaining her lifestyle.”

Well, his girlfriend isn’t concerned about the cost of getting so much medical attention because her parents are helping her pay for things. She also does have insurance that covers a lot.

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