His Cousin Got Mad About What His Girlfriend Wore To Her Wedding, So He Left And Took Back The Wedding Present Too

About a week ago, this twenty-five-year-old man and his girlfriend traveled to his cousin’s wedding.

The couple was excited for a romantic evening– especially the girlfriend, who feels like love is always in the air at weddings. But, upon arrival, the two were shocked with a dress code they knew nothing about.

“We got an invite a month before the wedding. Leading up to the wedding, I never talked to my cousin except for once– I told him where to send the invitation,” the man explained, “I also never talked to his bride, either.”

The invitation only instructed guests to wear “semi-formal or formal” clothing. His girlfriend ended up buying a very tight black dress that she felt confident wearing. And, the man thought she looked terrific. After all, isn’t that the only thing that matters?

“This dress looked phenomenal on her, but I was a bit worried she would upstage the bride,” the man admitted, “It showed off her curves but also was long enough to show was a lady she is.”

After getting all dressed up, he and his girlfriend made the two-hour drive to the wedding venue. Upon arriving, the pair met the man’s family at the door.

“My sisters and mom commented how great my girlfriend looked,” the man recalled. Apparently, they too commented about her upstaging the bride.

Everyone’s response to the dress seemed positive enough until they walked through the venue’s doors and realized that most guests were donning conservative outfits.

“I realized it was a very Christian wedding and even saw a few girls looking at my girlfriend with an ugly look,” the man said. Then, the real drama began– his cousin came over to say hello.

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