His Fiancée Tried To Sell An Expensive Present He Bought Her For Her Birthday And He’s Asking The Internet If He’s Justified In Being Angry At Her

A 28-year-old man has been together with his 29-year-old fiancée for the last 3 years now. He absolutely loves his fiancée and she has a lot of wonderful qualities.

“She does have expensive taste and works to afford most of her clothes and jewelry,” he explained.

“I work in IT for a state government agency. She works in her family’s company and does work part-time. We equally pay for the bills, rent, and essentials.”

Their upcoming wedding is not going to cost them a ton of money since they think it would be smarter to be able to save some and go on a nice honeymoon.

Well, his fiancée’s birthday was a few days ago, and for her birthday gift, she wanted a specific bracelet that matches several other ones that she has.

He bought that exact bracelet for her, which was around $400, and he had it beautifully gift wrapped at the store where he got it.

He also got her a lovely birthday card.

“We did a small celebration with a few of her friends and she was very excited to receive the bracelet,” he said. “She put it on and started showing it to her friends.”

Imagine his surprise when after his fiancé’s birthday was over, he was on Facebook marketplace and came across an ad for the bracelet he had bought for her.

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