His Gilfriend’s Sister Cheated On His Friend, And Now That She’s Marrying The Other Guy He’s Refusing To Go To The Wedding

How do you tell your long-term girlfriend you refuse to go to her sister’s wedding? Well, it’s undoubtedly complicated for this guy and his girlfriend Jenn, who have been together for three and a half years.

Jenn’s sister, Kelly, used to be married to his friend, Dylan, which is how he and Jenn first met. But only a year ago, Jenn left Dylan for someone else.

She moved out in the middle of the night and broke Dylan’s heart.

This guy is now struggling less than a year later because Kelly is getting married to the man she left Dylan for.

So, he’s trying to set a boundary with his girlfriend because he doesn’t think he belongs at Kelly’s second wedding. “I told her that I believe only people who support a wedding should be in attendance.”

It makes sense that your wedding should only include folks who are excited about your future with your spouse, rather than someone connected to the life you left behind with someone else.

But Kelly and Jenn’s family is desperate to have him at the wedding, and her fianceé even called to ask if he’d be an usher.

Of course, one person’s presence shouldn’t make or break a wedding, and not appearing in family photos from one event shouldn’t be a relationship’s breaking point.

But the family keeps insisting that he needs to be there because it would “make everyone happy.”

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