She Has An Autistic Internet Stalker And She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Ok To Block Him On Facebook

A 19-year-old girl attended high school with a boy who has autism, and this boy always really liked her.

He would always ask her to go to every school dance with him, which she kindly declined, and he always tried to hang out with her.

She felt bad for him and so would do her best to include him at school since he didn’t really have friends.

“However his crush developed and he began to message me on every social media platform I have almost daily (up to 30 messages in a row with no response), asking me questions that made me uncomfortable such as what I was wearing, if I would send him pictures, and where I got them, as well as telling me he would like to kiss me and complimenting my body,” she explained.

She did tell him that his messages were making her feel uneasy, and she said that she could be his friend only if he stopped asking these weird questions.

She also asked him to stop with the comments he made about her body, but this boy kept going with everything.

When high school ended, this boy’s behavior only escalated. She wound up blocking him on every social media platform except for Facebook because she didn’t want him to be lonely.

This boy started making new social media accounts and sending her about 1 new friend request every week from the new accounts.

“When I got a boyfriend he friended him and constantly messaged him (until my bf blocked him) asking about me and what we do together,” she said.

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