Mom Takes Out A Billboard In Times Square In An Effort To Find Her Daughter A Date

New York, New York. Dating is incredibly hard, but one mom is on a mission to make the dating process a lot easier for her beloved daughter, and she’s taken to Times Square to make this happen.

Beth Davis is a 61-year-old mom to a daughter named Molly, and they both live in Boston.

After Beth got diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and learned that it had spread throughout her body, she decided she wanted to do something to hurry up and help Molly find a date.

“In 2020, I found out the cancer had metastasized to my bones, so I guess there was a little bit more urgency to see my daughter well settled with a wonderful man,” Beth explained in an interview with WNBC.

So, Beth creatively partnered up with a dating website called Wingman to take out a billboard in the middle of Times Square, featuring Molly’s photo and a short blurb about her.

On Molly’s profile from Wingman, Beth said that she would like to find Molly a man who values his family, and also has some wonderful friendships since she believes that is part of having a solid foundation in any given relationship.

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“Molly is a ray of sunshine,” Beth lovingly said about her daughter Molly.

“From the moment she wakes up, she tries to improve the lives of everyone around her. She does this by laughing easily and often, as she mostly sees only the good in people.”

“Molly has lived across the world, has a strong work ethic, and is a top performer in medical sales.”

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