One Of Her Bridesmaids Called Her A Bridezilla For Asking Her To Make Sure That She Ordered Her Dress

A chilled-out backyard wedding. What could go wrong?

This bride only wants a few things from her wedding; she wants to wear a red dress and her bridesmaids to wear some shade of red.

It doesn’t have to be a dress—one of her friends chose an excellent red suit—and another two came back to her with great options.

The problem happened with the last two bridesmaids, who the bride knows are notoriously flakey. So, though the wedding is still eight months away, she’s been reminding them to start looking for dresses in case they need alterations, decide they hate them, etc.

“Whenever we hang out, they’re hours late, and they can take days to text back,” she explained. So, since the couple was getting ready to send out invites, she wanted to check in with her friends to see if they’d found something to wear.

If it was an issue of cost, the bride even offered to help. “I also told her if there was any financial issue, I’d be happy to buy a dress up to 100 dollars, or give her 100 towards a dress.”

But after this interaction, her friend hurled an insult no one wants to hear before they get married; bridezilla.

This bride can’t imagine she’s been overbearing enough to deserve the name. She shared, “The only thing my to be husband and I really care about is my dress and the cake.”

He wants a fancy cake, and she wants her bridesmaids’ outfits to match her own. There will only be a photographer and 20 people at the wedding, and it would be an inexpensive, intimate affair.

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