She Accidentally Invited A Homophobe To A Dinner To Celebrate Her Gay Cousin’s Engagement

This 24-year-old woman brought her new boyfriend to her cousin’s engagement dinner.

Though he had never met her cousin or his fiancée, she assumed her boyfriend would be her wedding date and figured this was the perfect moment to introduce them.

As the group enjoyed their dinner, an offhanded comment triggered her boyfriend; he started making a speech on his religious beliefs, saying that gay people will “never be really married in God’s eyes.”

He even said it was silly for gay people to make a big deal about their weddings since the church didn’t acknowledge their union.

Of course, she was mortified by her new boyfriend’s behavior. And though she was stunned by this outburst, she realized they had yet to discuss religion or go in-depth about their political beliefs.

Still, she couldn’t believe she’d been so wrong about him.

She told the table they needed to “get some air,” and the couple went outside to sort things out. Her boyfriend became immediately defensive, apologized if he had been “too blunt” but that he “felt compelled to be honest.”

“I told him that this is not something I will be able to move past and asked him to go ahead and leave the restaurant.” She shared. They quickly broke things off, and she returned to the engagement dinner.

But the mood was still tense, and her cousin was visibly upset over the encounter. When she tried to apologize after dinner ended, he yelled at her for bringing someone with homophobic beliefs to his engagement dinner.

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