She And Her Husband Were Left Caring For His Autistic Niece And She’s Telling The Internet She Can’t Care For This Girl Anymore

A woman’s 30-year-old husband recently became the legal guardian of his 17-year-old niece just two months ago.

Her husband’s sister was a single mom to his niece, but she passed away last year and then his niece went to his mom and dad’s house.

As her husband’s parents are getting too old to take care of her, she was then given to her husband, even though she was very concerned about this.

Her husband reassured her that he was going to be responsible for taking care of his niece so she wouldn’t have to worry.

She and her husband dated for 15 years before tying the knot last year, and she previously worked a very successful job that required her to travel extensively.

After she got married to her husband though, their plan was to have a baby and have her stay at home.

So, she quit her job several months after they got married after she learned she was pregnant. She sadly miscarried, and then her husband’s sister passed away so she began working part-time.

“My SIL was a nurse,” she explained. “She quit her job to take care of her daughter full time.”

“Her daughter has a variety of issues including non-verbal autism, a series of developmental disorders like dyslexia, and severe sensory issues.”

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