She Asked Her Best Friend Who Is Getting Married To Make Sure One Of Her Ex-Friends Doesn’t Get An Invite, But The Bride Is Still Inviting This Woman

“I try my best to support her, I am truly in awe of how she deals with everything. She is pretty open about these health issues on social media, which is where Becky re enters the picture.”

Well, in the last few years, Becky has sent Sarah flowers in an effort to support her through her health problems.

Becky also comments on Sarah’s posts on social media to be supportive as well.

Anytime that Sarah has since brought Becky up, she has made it crystal clear to Sarah how she still feels about her, and it’s not good.

Not that long ago, Sarah started completing the guest list for her upcoming wedding since she’s about to send out her invitations.

“I have been super involved and I’m so excited to be a bridesmaid,” she continued. “She sent me a short text saying that she is inviting Becky.”

“I was shocked that Sarah would think to invite Becky considering our history, and that they speak once every few months so are acquaintances at most.”

She did speak to Sarah to see if she would un-invite Becky, that way she can ensure she has fun at Sarah’s wedding.

“I just know the moment I see Becky I am going to be overwhelmed with emotions, probably because I never had closure on the topic,” she wrote.

The friends that she shares with Sarah know that she asked Sarah to un-invite Becky, and they think that she is causing problems and should deal for Sarah’s sake.

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