She Doesn’t Want To Be A Bridesmaid In Her Sister’s Wedding After Her Sister Took The Woman Their Dad Cheated On Their Mom With Wedding Dress Shopping

“I called Jade and confronted her, and she said it was Katie’s idea and since Katie used to work in fashion she wanted her opinion.”

“I asked how she could hurt our mom like that and why she is so cool with cheating.”

“Jade said our dad was miserable for years and doing it for us and he deserves to be happy. I said she should call her wedding off if she really thinks that and said I don’t want to be a bridesmaid anymore.”

Eventually, Jade revealed to her that she feels that their mom made her feel terrible for not having the same skin tone as the rest of them, and so she prefers Katie.

This did make her feel bad to hear this coming from Jade because she had no idea, and she knows her mom has some stupid opinions, but that doesn’t change the fact that she will not be a bridesmaid for Jade.

Jade wound up hanging up the phone on her after she still refused to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding.

“My dad has been guilt-tripping me about how Jade can go shopping with whoever she wants, and I’m embarrassing Jade because she already had a hard time finding bridesmaids due to working as a doctor and having mostly male friends,” she concluded.

How would you handle this situation?

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