She Told Her Roommate That Her Mom Can’t Stay At Their Apartment And She’s Asking The Internet If She’s Justified

A 25-year-old woman currently lives with a female roommate the same age as her, and they’ve been living in their apartment for 6 months.

They actually both work as nurses, though in separate hospitals, and they have been good friends since they met 5 years ago in nursing school.

Now, she has 2 sisters and she’s the baby. When she was only 2-years-old her mom ended up divorcing her dad and just left their whole family behind.

Since then, her dad has become a single dad to all of them, and she thinks he is just wonderful and one of her best friends.

Back in October, her dad came to visit her, and because he lives 2 hours away from her place, she really wanted him to be able to stay at her apartment for a few days.

When she approached her roommate to ask if he could stay at their apartment, her roommate insisted he had to stay in a nearby hotel.

“I figured she didn’t want the apartment cramped (we’ve never had guests stay for that long), and my dad said he didn’t mind. So the two of us stayed at the hotel for the weekend,” she explained.

“Fast forward to now, my friend informed me that her mom is coming to visit and is planning on staying a week…. At our apartment.”

“I was confused and said, “she’s not staying at ___ hotel?” And she pretty much said what I told her about how I planned for my dad to stay.”

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