She Told Her Brother That His Pregnancy Announcement Was Trashy And She’s Asking The Internet If It Really Was Rude Of Her To Do

One woman’s family does this voluntary gift exchange with adults in their family, and everyone that signs up for the exchange needs to spend $20 on each person/gift.

They keep a Google Doc that lists out everyone in the gift exchange, along with what each person would like as a gift, their favorite snacks, their size in clothing, etc.

The gift exchange is very straightforward, and they exchange the gifts they get for one another after the children in the family go to bed for the night.

So, her 34-year-old sister-in-law Kelsey is married to her 30-year-old brother Kyle, and they each signed up for the gift exchange.

Kelsey and Kyle wanted to go last to exchange their gifts since they mentioned that they “had something special they wanted everyone to open together.”

“Everyone else followed the list and got people something they would like,” she explained. “Kelsey and Kyle spent $5 per person.”

“It was a sonogram picture in a cheap dollar store frame, a note saying “$35 has been donated to the baby in your name” and a 2XL shirt with puffy paint that said BABY BELLA 2022.”

And by money donated to the baby, Kelsey and Kyle meant that they took money that was supposed to be spent on the gifts and put it into a college fund for their baby.

“It was literally to Baby Bella’s college fund,” she added.

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