She’s Wondering If She Should Get A Criminal Background Check Done On Her Boyfriend Before He Proposes To Her

A 27-year-old woman has been with her boyfriend, who is the same age as her, for just around 5 years.

Things are definitely getting more serious between them even though they’re currently long-distance because they have been discussing getting engaged and then having a wedding.

In February, they also want to start shopping for her engagement ring, so things are clearly heating up here.

While everything seems to be moving in the direction of a fairy-tale ending for her, there’s one concern that she has regarding her boyfriend’s past.

“The problem is that when we first met he told me how he was arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend,” she revealed.

“He claims it was in self-defense and that he only did a few months in jail because he was found innocent due to self-defense.”

She was absolutely shocked to hear about her boyfriend’s criminal past, but she appreciated his honesty so much that she didn’t think this was a red flag waving at her.

She chose to keep seeing her boyfriend, and at the time, they were strictly long-distance and she had not met him in real life.

“We met in person and everything seemed magical but he refused to show me the court records as I wanted to see her side of the story on what she claimed happened,” she explained.

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