This Guy Threw Out His Autistic Best Friend’s Blanket Because His Friend’s Girlfriend Asked Him To And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Is In The Wrong

A guy has a 24-year-old best friend who is autistic, but high functioning. His friend does have a great job that pays him well, he’s quite handsome, and he does well socially.

“However, he has a secret only me and his girlfriend know,” he explained. “He keeps a security blanket in his room and talks and hugs with it.”

“He says the blanket got him throughout traumatic moments in his childhood kinda like that character from the cartoon Peanuts.”

“Well I don’t mind what he does but this blanket has been straining his relationship with his girlfriend of 1 year.”

His best friend’s girlfriend feels like he pays more attention to his blanket than he does to her anytime he gets stressed.

“She tells me he gives more love to the blanket when he’s stressed out and she feels like he loves the blanket more than her,” he said.

His best friend’s girlfriend asked him to take the blanket and throw it out while his best friend was working, so he did that.

He drove the blanket to a nearby dumpster, tossed it in there, and left.

His best friend later came home from work that day, and he sat him down along with his best friend’s girlfriend.

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