This Sweet Dachshund Was Only Given 3 Months To Live, But His Owner Found A New Treatment For Him That Should Help Prolong His Life

Glenelk, Colorado. Todd is an adorable Dachshund with a big personality. The universe brought him to Diana in 2012 when he was just eight weeks old, and he has been loyal and loving every since. 

His owner Diana is chronically ill and unable to work, so Todd has been a vital part of her mental and physical resilience as she stays home.

But when Todd started scooting on their carpet and leaving spots around the house, she brought him to the vet.

Unfortunately, what she assumed would be a swollen gland turned out to be something much worse: “Adenocarcinoma. Cancer.” She calls it her worst fear in the GoFundMe post.

Diana got care credit to help with the costs and supported Todd financially. Finally, his vet performed the surgery, removed the tumor, and thought it was all over. But the aggressive cancer had other plans.

Six months after his initial surgery, the cancer recurred and spread to his lymph nodes. But she decided to opt out of surgery this time since it was too invasive and more high risk.

Plus, there was no telling what measures might be curative.

Though Todd did well for a while later, the tumor grew exponentially. Diana shared her vet’s opinion on what might come next.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Todd

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