Her Boyfriend Is Super Hot, But He’s Not That Attracted To Her

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A 37-year-old woman has a boyfriend who is 6 years younger than she is, and he is super hot.

She’s never dated someone like her boyfriend before, as all the guys that came before him were not super attractive, conventionally speaking.

Her exes have been “overweight” and not in the least bit athletic. “They had amazing personalities though which made them extremely attractive to me,” she explained.

“I used to model, so I did often hear comments like, “she’s way out of his league,” “she could do better,” etc.”

“It never bothered me because I absolutely adored my exes. Looking back, I have now realized that one thing I really enjoyed was how they loved my body.”

Her exes were super into her looks and her body, which in turn made her feel really secure and proud of herself.

“Fast forward 10 years, 3 kids and 1 divorce later,” she said. “My body isn’t as tight anymore. And I have fallen for a hot guy. Younger, amazing body, amazing face, amazing personality.”

She’s pretty much head over heels for her boyfriend, and she can’t help but notice how many other women are into him.

She constantly feels insecure and that she isn’t pretty enough to be with her boyfriend. She also feels like she has to compete with more attractive women for her boyfriend.

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