This Guy Thought It Would Be Ok To Propose To His Girlfriend With The Exact Same Ring He Purchased For His Ex

Whoah, boy. A man recently proposed to his girlfriend…with the ring he bought for his ex. It’s not really a surprise to hear that she got really upset when she found out the ring was not originally purchased for her.

Here’s how everything went down and why you’re probably going to be left just shaking your head over this entire situation.

This man started out by explaining that several years ago, he was in a serious relationship with his girlfriend at the time.

He felt like it was time to take the next step with her, so he picked out a beautiful engagement ring just for her.

The ring features an enormous center diamond and had smaller diamonds on each side.

He really spent a lot of money on the engagement ring for her, but he really thought it was eye-catching and worth the price.

“My then-girlfriend knew about the ring because of the fitting but she never wore the completed version of it nor did I end up proposing to her,” he explained.

“Our relationship ended and I kept the ring because it’s still a nice ring.”

Well, he didn’t just keep it. Or sell it. He totally recycled that bad boy on an unsuspecting girl.

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