An Old Friend Sent Her An Invite To Her Wedding And She Isn’t Sure How To Say No

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Fallouts with our closest friends can be one tough situation to go through. If you’re in a similar situation, you may be asking yourself, what happened to best friends forever?

As we get older, we learn a lot about who we are as a person, our interest changes, and so do we. This is why friendships tend to take a turn in the wrong direction as you begin to realize after all this time, you are two completely different people.

So the friend starts to get a bit awkward, and you begin to notice an unwanted shift in the situation.

So what do you do next? Especially when you get invited to their wedding?

Two women became friends in high school. They are now 30-years-old with ten plus years of friendship that includes coffee chats, movies, and events that contain some of their shared interests.

They would also exchange gifts during the holidays as well as on birthdays.
A few years before the pandemic, one of the girls felt a shift in the relationship as she noticed her friend slowly slipping away.

She would invite her friend out for their usual get-togethers and find that most invitations were accepted but canceled at the last minute.

The friend would even accept plans secured by an entrance fee and would still cancel the day after multiple reminders and reassurances that she would be there.

Fast forward to her birthday, and the friend that usually cancels on her decides to buy her a ticket to a restaurant/movie theater they have been talking about. They meet at the restaurant, and the birthday girl is surprised by an extra guest. Someone she had never met before, leaving the situation very awkward.

Viktoria –

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