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He Was Hooking Up With An Engaged Woman And A Day Before Her Wedding, He Lied To Her Fiancé About Anything Happening Between Them

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A man was hooking up with a woman that was engaged, but he had absolutely no idea. He saw her several times every month for close to a year, and she insisted that she was totally single throughout their relationship.

She also instantly picked up his phone calls, always replied immediately to his text messages, and didn’t post things on social media that led him to think that she was about to get married.

He really believed that he was the only guy in her life at the time, and then their relationship fizzled out.

After that, he stayed friends with her on social media and occasionally spoke to her.

“Today, out of the blue, I see her calling me on FB messenger,” he explained. “When I answer it’s a guy (her fiancé) asking when was the last time I saw her.”

“I find it kind of weird and ask wtf is up. He tells me that they have been engaged for 2 years (she was living with him at the time), the wedding is this weekend and he was going through her FB and saw our messages.”

“He stated he wanted me to be honest. Before they got married he wanted to know if she was unfaithful to him so he could call off the wedding.”

Well, the messages that he had shared with her on social media didn’t have anything to do with their relationship, so he could see why this woman’s fiancé couldn’t tell if there was anything that happened.

“During this convo, I could hear her in the background saying, “Stop it, he is just a friend, IDK why you’re doing this,” he said.

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