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Her Mom Threw Out The Dress That She Bought With Her Own Money To Wear To Prom

Natalia Chircova -

A teen girl came across a stunning gown from the 90s at a vintage shop near her, and she quickly paid for it with her very own money.

She works close to 7 days a week, and so she happily forked over the cash for the dress so that she could wear it to her prom.

She paid for the dress, took it home, and tried it on. She was so thrilled to see that the dress was a perfect fit for her, and she fell in love with it.

When her mom saw the dress that she picked out for prom, her mom didn’t try to hide the fact that she absolutely hated it.

A few weeks after she bought the dress, she went back into her closet to “try it on again for fun” but it was nowhere to be found.

She figured that her mom hid the dress on her since that’s something her mom will routinely do if she does not like something in their house.

A couple more weeks went by, and although she continued asking her mom where the dress went, her mom would laugh and insist that she had no idea.

“Recently before I went out with my friend, she happily told my friend she threw it away, then told me,” she explained.

“I was pretty gutted, not just because of the dress but just because she would do something like that behind my back.”

Natalia Chircova –

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