His Mom Expected Him To Consult With Her Before Buying An Engagement Ring, But He Didn’t

madiwaso - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This man is 20 years old, still living with his parents, and engaged to his girlfriend, who is 22. He has included his family in all critical decisions concerning his relationship, but he hasn’t let their opinions influence his life’s trajectory.

His mom insists that he is too young to get married, but he believes that his and his fiancée’s jobs are well-paying enough for them to get by.

Though his father and grandparents think they’re ready to get married, his mom repeats that she prefers he wait longer to get married and that he should follow her wishes.

Things got worse when he bought the engagement ring his girlfriend asked for. He used a payment plan and a bank account his mom had access to, which led to even more uncomfortable discussions.

First, his mom told him she should have been a part of the ring purchasing process; then, he shared her reaction.

“She turned and said that she just “wishes she could be excited for me” but can’t because I “just went on my own and did it behind her back.”

When he asked Reddit users if he had been wrong not to include his mom in the process, they had a range of takes on the situation.

One person wrote that they agreed with his perspective but advised him that marrying so young might not be the best choice.

“You’re still living with your folks … Wait until you and she have actually taken milestones first (moving out, getting your own place, moving in together, etc.). You’re setting yourself up for disaster here.”

madiwaso – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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