She’s Famous On TikTok And Fighting An Aggressive Form Of Cancer

Mary Peters is famously known as a Tik Tok creator by the name of @my_aussie_gal for teaching her dog to do amazing things such as painting, dancing, gardening, cooking, and more.

Before her dog Secret came into her life, Mary was in a dark place. However, her pup shortly became her best friend and lifeline while ultimately saving her life.

As of recently, Secret’s breathing has not been normal. So they decided to take her to the vet, where they discovered she had a very high white blood cell count that likely meant cancer. Devastated by the news, they took Secret to a cancer center two days later to get a diagnosis.

The doctors then determined that Secret either had Acute Leukemia or stage 5 lymphoma. They start her on chemotherapy immediately.

Izzy Peters, the organizer of the GoFundMe fundraiser, states, “With luck, she will go into remission, but that would just be temporary. Her only chance for long-term survival would be with new cancer treatments like adoptive T-cell therapy or a bone marrow transplant. There are only two places in the country that do this for dogs, and amazingly, one of them is here in our little hometown of Bellingham, Washington.”

Of course, the procedure is expensive, so they started a GoFundMe to raise money to afford the medical bills.

Tik Tok has allowed Mary and Secret to grow tremendously, bringing in 5.7 million followers. In addition, Secret’s story has reached millions allowing them to exceed their donation goal by almost four times the amount, including two anonymous donations of $5,000!

So far, the community has raised almost $200,000 for Secret and her medical expenses.
With a donation amount to this extent, the family has noted that any money left over after the medical bills have been paid in full will be donated to further research in helping dogs beat this horrible disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in dogs.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Secret

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