She’s Not Making Her Best Friend Her Maid Of Honor, Even Though She Played That Role In Her Best Friend’s Wedding

Ulia Koltyrina - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman has a best friend that she’s been close with since they were both back in college, and when her best friend got married, she was asked to be her best friend’s maid of honor.

As her best friend planned her big day, she was totally there for her. She helped her best friend with all the planning details and was her biggest cheerleader along the way.

She planned her best friend’s bachelorette trip and even paid for the entire thing too. When it came time for her best friend to pick a wedding dress, she hopped on a plane and flew right there.

“Several months before her wedding my boyfriend proposed and my friend started distancing herself from me,” she explained.

“She stopped texting me, responded vaguely whenever I asked about her wedding, and didn’t even invite me to her bridal shower.”

“I kept trying to reach out and see what was going on and didn’t get anywhere. Her wedding was last month and she basically acted as if our other friend was the maid of honor.”

“The bride had our other friend give a toast, was involved in all the wedding help and details. Again, I kept asking if anyone needed help and asked if I needed to do anything. The bride kept telling me no and I had a miserable time at her wedding and wished I wasn’t there.”

It’s sad that her relationship with her best friend got ruined before the wedding, and she was still without a clue as to why that even happened in the first place.

Despite not being on the best terms with her best friend, she asked her to have a role in planning her own wedding that will be happening soon.

Ulia Koltyrina – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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