Where Is Leslie Ben-Iesau? She Went Out On A Date With Someone She Met On A Dating App Two Weeks Ago But Nobody Has Heard From Her Since

Tomorrow marks two weeks since anybody has seen or heard from Leslie Ben-Iesau, and she disappeared from the Sacramento, California area.

On April 15th, Leslie told her family that she had met someone on the OkCupid dating app and was planning to head out on a date with them that same day.

Leslie’s family knows very little about this mysterious stranger that Leslie met on the dating app, but they do know that her name is Bea.

Leslie informed her sister two weeks ago that this person Bea was heading over to get her and take her out on a date, but after that, Leslie’s family stopped hearing from her.

The same day Leslie disappeared, her phone stopped being used.

Facebook; pictured above is Leslie

Last weekend was Leslie’s birthday, and alarmingly enough, there was nothing but radio silence on her end.

Although her loved ones have called and texted her, their messages are not even being delivered to Leslie’s phone, and it appears to have been turned off.

Leslie isn’t the kind of person to shut her phone off, let alone for that many days in a row, and she’s also not the kind of person to skip out on celebrating her birthday.

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