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Her Boyfriend Went Around Telling His Friends That She’s The Ugliest Girl Ever And He Only Started Dating Her As A Placeholder

alonesdj - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman in her early 20s says that she wasn’t too attractive in her earlier years, and back when she was a kid, she was severely overweight.

By the time she hit 20-years-old though, she was in the middle of getting healthier, and that’s when she met her current boyfriend.

Since she has been with her boyfriend, she has lost a whopping 70 pounds and has made major strides toward achieving the body of her dreams.

All of her hard work has left her feeling really good about herself and her achievements…up until her boyfriend’s friend revealed some terrible truths to her.

Pretty recently, she and her boyfriend threw a graduation party for one of her boyfriend’s good friends.

This particular friend gets pretty rowdy when he has liquid courage, but she never expected the party to go as sideways as it did.

That evening, her boyfriend’s friend thanked her for putting the effort into throwing him that party, and then he turned things toward how shocked he was that she and her boyfriend were still dating.

Apparently, her boyfriend had gone around telling his friends that she was extremely ugly, and all of his friends held the same sentiments.

Her boyfriend did let his friends know that he was pretty much only into her curves, hated her face, and couldn’t really see his spending his life with her at all.

alonesdj – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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