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She Found The Prom Dress Of Her Dreams, But Her Parents Think It’s Way Too Expensive

Now, she does have a job, but all of the money that she makes directly goes to her mom and dad for them to use as their “savings” and she has no choice about it.

Her parents aren’t willing to spend the money on her dress, and her sister also chimed in to say that she believes she’s “manipulative” and also entitled.

Her mom and dad are siding with her sister, and she’s left feeling completely frustrated.

“I see this as unfair because if they ban me from making my own money then I am purely restricted to what my size 6 sister was able to find secondhand,” she said.

“I am plus size, believe me, I have looked for second-hand clothing, but I just can’t find any that are in my size and modest enough for my parents.”

Her prom is happening this July, and time is running out for her to either convince her parents to let her have this dream dress or start hunting again for something else.

With no money of her own and not a lot of time to keep looking, what’s a girl to do?

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