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She Learned That Her Boyfriend Was Pretending To Be Some Girl He Knows On A Dating App And She’s Wondering If This Means He’s Going Through An Identity Crisis

Her boyfriend was slow to own up to him pretending to be a girl on a dating app, and it turns out that he actually knows the girl that he was pretending to be in real life.

This girl was someone that her boyfriend even had a crush on several years ago, yet she wasn’t single back when he was interested in her.

Her boyfriend maintained that the reason he did this odd thing was due to loneliness and boredom and wanting to speak to other people.

He defended his actions by saying he was mainly chatting with guys on the app, and not women.

Her boyfriend has always been the kind of person who’s into silly pranks and telling tall tales, but she never expected him to pretend to be another person on a dating app, let alone a girl.

“I agree that it’s not normal to pretend to be someone else to talk to people on a dating app,” she explained. “Or to go on any dating app while in a relationship in general.”

She has urged her boyfriend to find a therapist to talk to, and he’s on board with this, but she’s not sure if he’s agreeing to get help to avoid losing her or if it’s because he does realize he needs help.

She’s positive there’s something bigger at play here driving her boyfriend’s behavior, such as him going through some kind of identity crisis.

In the meantime, she asked him to leave their apartment so she can think about everything that just happened.

“He’s not a malicious person and I still don’t feel any malice from him, just utter shame,” she said. “He’s always been kind to me and we’ve had a generally healthy relationship.”

“Small fights about chores and normal couple stuff, so this is really straight out of left field.”

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