She’s Not Going To Her Boyfriend’s Friend’s Wedding Because Of The Money, But Her Boyfriend’s Parents Offered To Pay For Her

sonyachny - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Weddings can be stressful. That’s an understatement. They can break the bank, too, whether you’re planning a wedding or even just attending one.

A young woman recently got into an argument with her boyfriend concerning his best friend’s wedding.

Her boyfriend is set to be a groomsman for his longtime friend over the summer. So naturally, he wants to bring her as his plus-one.

She was really excited to go until she began calculating how much it would cost. Because she’d have to buy a plane ticket, she would end up spending around $1,000 to attend the wedding.

She mentions that she and her boyfriend don’t make a ton of money. She’ll be starting law school in the fall, so she needs to continue to save up.

Also, she has never even formally met the groom and would only know her boyfriend at the wedding. Therefore, she doesn’t see her being there as all that necessary.

She broke the news gently to her boyfriend, telling him that she would love to support him but cannot justify the costly trip.

She doesn’t even see herself spending that much money to attend one of her best friend’s weddings. Her boyfriend was upset but eventually understood.

A week later, the woman received an opportunity to do something she really wants to do when her boss offered her two weeks of vacation time over the summer.

sonyachny – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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