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She’s On Vacation But Her Neighbor’s Kid Just Broke Into Her Home And Stole Her Cat - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman is away on vacation right now, and she just got a message from her video doorbell camera that her neighbor’s child was standing at her front door and relentlessly ringing her doorbell.

This child literally comes to her house pretty much every single day and will ring her front doorbell approximately 50 times until she’s allowed inside to pet her cat.

Given that she didn’t have the time to answer the message and let her neighbor’s kid inside her house, she just kept on going with her day.

Well, an hour after that, this child’s mom sent her a message saying her child walked out with her cat and some children from their neighborhood had been inside her home without supervision.

“I immediately check the camera and sure enough I see her repeatedly hitting my doorbell camera until it knocks down to retrieve the spare key I had behind it (she must have somehow watched me put it there??) before letting herself into my home unattended and taking one of my cats,” she explained.

“She then gave my key to another child who also went into my home unattended. I have no idea what they were doing in my house, if they took anything, or if they accidentally let my other (elderly) cat out.”

She was able to get a hold of her dad, who rushed over to her house to see what had happened and if her cats were alright.

Her dad was able to lock up her front door and he removed her spare key so nobody could take it again.

Unfortunately, she has no way of knowing if any of her belongings were stolen along with her cat, and she has to wait until she returns to find out. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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