This Young Woman Is Missing And Her Mom Believes That She Was Coerced Into Disappearing

Paris, Illinois. Chelsee Garvin is a young woman from Paris who was just reported missing by her family a few days ago, and her mom believes that she was coerced into disappearing.

Chelsee’s mom Mandy says that Chelsee is a dependable, smart, trustworthy, gorgeous, funny, and shy young woman.

Mandy and Chelsee have an extremely close bond, and on the morning of May 13th, Mandy fell asleep at around 7:30, and that was the last time she saw her daughter.

Several hours later, Chelsee was supposed to show up at her job, but she didn’t make it. 10 a.m. was the time that Chelsee was set to arrive for work, but she did not call in to say she wouldn’t be there and she didn’t come in at all that day.

Facebook; pictured above is Chelsee

Mandy says that this is “completely out of character” for Chelsee to be a no-show at work, and that was the first thing that led Mandy to believe that something was wrong.

The second red flag for Mandy was when she received a text from Chelsee’s phone the following evening at 7:55, and she says it was a “random” kind of message.

Additionally, the locations on Chelsee’s phone had all been shut off, so Mandy had no way of figuring out where her phone was when the message was sent, let alone where Chelsee was.

Chelsee also brings their family dog Captain to Mandy’s job every evening, but Chelsee failed to do that too, and that is something significant for Mandy.

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