Her Fiancé Really Wants To Serve Lasagna And Chicken Wings At Their Wedding But She’s Not Thrilled At Potentially Staining Her Pricey Dress

If her fiancé agreed to that, he wouldn’t be rushed to get lunch with the guys and then get ready for their wedding, but he didn’t like that option at all.

This is the one thing about their wedding that her fiancé truly cares about and is not willing to compromise on.

“I’ve made every other decision about the wedding, so he should get to choose the meal,” she said.

“I guess I did want his input, but it seems unfair that he “saved” all of that up just to dig in his heels on this one thing.”

She’s left wondering if it’s wrong of her to not want chicken wings and lasagna on their menu when clearly her fiancé has his heart set on it. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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