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Her In-Laws Always Put Down Her Baking Skills So She Fooled Them Into Finally Trying Something That She Made

Monkey Business - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman is married to her husband Pete, who is 2 years older than she is, and the annoying thing about Pete’s family is that the women he is related to all pride themselves on being talented with baking things.

Now, she also is a great baker in her own right, and she even used to have a little baking business as a side hustle, but she eventually gave it up because she prefers to keep baking as a fun past-time.

Her in-laws have always put down her baking skills and ignored the fact that she really does know what she’s doing when it comes to baking desserts.

As soon as she was introduced to Pete’s family, they made it really clear to her that her current sister-in-law Kay is the star of the show in terms of anything being baked in their family.

All of her in-laws rave about Kay, and there was no room for them to be willing to even try something outside of Kay’s baked goods.

“Even when Pete mentioned how good my stuff was, everyone would say that Kay sells hers and they’re popular so they must be better,” she explained.

“Whenever I bring treats, they are often left untouched because “they are not Kay’s”. Yes, I’ve been told that. They ask me to bring something every get-together and never touch it.”

Last weekend, her in-laws had a get-together, and Kay make some cake pops. She saw the evening before the get-together that Kay was posting photos of her desserts, so she came up with a plan.

She made the same cake pops that Kay did, down to the exact same design and flavor.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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