He’s Dating A Model And It’s Making Him Lose Confidence In Himself As Well As Their Relationship

He doesn’t go out much, let alone to parties or clubs, so his life is quite different than the one that she leads.

Maybe that’s refreshing to her and one of the reasons why she’s into him, but that’s not quite how he is looking at things lately.

“We’re both busy so we meet up around 2-3 times a week but I’ve been feeling insecure to the point where I feel like she could lose interest with me any time – there have been no real signs of this – but given the number and caliber of guys approaching and associating with her – I feel like she could get a ‘better, more handsome guy,'” he said.

He’s genuinely scared that she will just drop him one day out of nowhere and find another more attractive guy.

He’s trying his best to not be all over her, though he does want to spend more and more time around her.

“In the over a month and a half we have been dating – she has never messaged me first,” he continued.

“When I do message it is very chill – she is receptive and normal and we meet up when I ask her to meet.”

How do you think he can go about being more secure in himself?

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