She Had Been Tied To A Tree In A Swamp And Although She Remained A Jane Doe For 44 Years, We Now Know Who The Singer Island Jane Doe Is

Singer Island, Florida. 44 years ago, the skeletal remains of a 15-year-old girl were discovered along with her deteriorated black and grey sweater in the Burnt Bridges area located off A1A.

She had been tied to a tree with wire and discarded in the swamp among some mangrove trees, and back then in 1974, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t quite determine how long her remains had been there or how she had exactly died since there was no obvious trauma to her body.

Additionally, the condition of her clothing and her remains made it hard to find any evidence or chase down any leads in her case.

Although the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office created a poster that they circulated with her dental records on there, nobody knew who this teenage girl was, and she became nicknamed the Singer Island Jane Doe.

Last December, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office delivered her remains to a company called Othram so that they could help obtain her DNA and find her relatives, and that was a success.

After 44 years, that 15-year-old girl has finally been identified as Suzanne Gale Poole. Suzanne was reported as missing 2 years before her remains were discovered, and her birthday was February 12th, 1957.

She had lived in a trailer park in Broward County along with her dad, mom, and a couple of brothers.

Susan vanished before Christmas in 1972 and left behind her clothing and pocketbook at an apartment that her friend had where she was occasionally staying. Her family wondered for decades where she had gone.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Suzanne Gale Poole

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