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She Recently Discovered That The Guy She’s Been Dating Is 12 Years Younger Than She Is And She’s Curious If This Means They Will Never Work Out

fizkes - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 43-year-old woman met the guy that she’s been dating through social media, and they became pretty fast friends at first.

They began chatting a couple of times every single week, and this occurred over the course of a year that their friendship really blossomed.

After looking at his photos online, she figured that he had to be close to her age and no younger than 36-years-old.

Even though she is 43, she doesn’t look her age at all, and many people stop and think that she has to be a decade younger than she really is.

The fact that she has virtually no wrinkles or gray hair contributes to people guessing she’s in her 30s instead of her 40s.

“For one I’m petite, and people always seem to perceive shorter, slimmer, smaller people as younger in general,” she explained.

“For two, I have some interests and hobbies that are generally associated with younger people. There’s a decent handful of people my age into them as well but I’d say the main demographic is mid-20s to mid-30s. Probably a 70-30 split. For three, not to sound vain but I’ve just aged well.”

The guy that she has been seeing never asked her how old she is, and she never asked him either.

8 months ago, it just so happened that she relocated to less than an hour from where he lives to pursue a new job.

fizkes – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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