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She Spent Her Whole Prom Night With A Guy She Really Likes But His Intentions Are Confusing Her

She really felt a connection to this guy. He was also so easy to talk to, and she decided to ask him to go to a museum with her one weekend, as that had come up in their prom night conversation.

He told her that he wasn’t available to go, but she still should check it out, which wasn’t the reply she was expecting.

“A few days later, he texted out of the blue and said I’d made his prom night really special but he didn’t want to lead me on and he hoped I didn’t regret spending prom with him,” she continued.

“It hurt, but I could accept it – closure.”

She texted him a message agreeing with him before mentioning that she had no regrets on her end.

She then told him that she wished him the best at college, and as their texting stopped, she thought that everything that happened during their prom night was just going to remain in the past.

Then, she started becoming confused over his intentions, because instead of them going their separate ways, he began doing things that left her wondering what he really did want.

When her birthday arrived, this guy talked with her at school about her birthday plans and later texted her to wish her a “Happy Birthday.”

She ignored that text, but then he kept popping up. He liked her birthday pictures on social media.

They both ended up going to a senior event, and he was eager to talk to her. He also then took a picture for her of her and her friend, and he said that she looked “pretty.”

When their graduation ceremony happened, he made sure to come up and congratulate her on graduating.

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