She’s Spent The Last 5 Years Engaged And She Just Gave The Ring Back To The Man Who Proposed To Her

“He does not want children or to plan a wedding until he is financially stable, which won’t be until we are in our 30s as he is not furthering his education or doing a trade right now. Right now we both make around $50k together.”

She’s spent years already being engaged, and she simply doesn’t want to wait around for the next 5 years to have her wedding.

After realizing that she and her fiancé are pretty much on different pages with the next steps, she gave him the ring back and pointed out that she won’t agree to be engaged to him again unless he can commit to getting married within a year or so.

“I wouldn’t have minded courthouse/small wedding right now, and then have a bigger celebration later, but he doesn’t want to do it that way,” she added.

“He wants to have a traditional wedding, not in a church, with friends and family that may cost us 15k-20k or more. Which seems like a lot to me.”

For now, she’s going to invest more time into furthering her career while she waits to see how her relationship plays out.

She is not going to break up with him, but she is going to just see where things go. She did say that she might be “delaying the inevitable” and that she could end up splitting up with him permanently down the line.

“I just want to do things “right,” she continued. “Start my career, buy a home together, get married, start a family, although I have friends who tell me I don’t have to do things traditionally because society pushes us women to. They tell me I should enjoy life and whatever happens, is meant to happen.”

Do you think she should break up with him, or should she stay and see what happens since it might be possible he could change his mind on a marriage timeline?

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