24 Years Ago, Anna Scivetti Disappeared In Staten Island And Her Family Is Still Searching For Answers

Anna Marie Scivetti was an aspiring singer and a beloved daughter, sister, and aunt. Then, at the age of thirty-four, she vanished.

In 1998, Anna courageously escaped a physically abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend Charles.

She had shared an apartment in State Island, N.Y., with him before breaking away and managing to move out.

After finding a new apartment and a new job as a receptionist, though, Anna’s problems were far from behind her.

Her new place was suspiciously burnt down, and she was forced to find yet another apartment.

But, Anna did not let this bump in the road detour her. Instead, she quickly found another apartment and a roommate.

The new property just so happened to be in Tottenville, where Charles was believed to live with his wife and child.

And on August 19, 1998, Anna was supposed to meet with the new apartment’s landlord to give him a down payment. She also planned to meet her roommate for a celebratory dinner following the exchange.

CUE Center for Missing Persons; pictured above is Anna

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