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She Didn’t Wear Underwear When She Put On A Dress To Go Out With Her Friends And Her Boyfriend Was Furious With Her

“I told him I ditched them, to begin with because I did not like my panty line showing from the front of my dress,” she said.

Her boyfriend argued back; insisting that she should have kept her underwear on and made sure to button her jacket in a way that didn’t make it obvious that she had a panty line on display.

Her boyfriend’s argument made no sense, as her jacket had no way of buttoning or zipping it up, and if that’s what he expected her to do, she would have needed to hold both ends of her jacket together.

Obviously, it’s impossible to hold your jacket literally together while trying to drink or have a nice time with your friends, so that’s not exactly a solution.

“He remained pissed that I went out with no undies,” she continued. “But with my long cover-up, literally nobody would ever know I went commando.”

She’s left wondering if her boyfriend is right to feel the way that he does and if she did somehow do something to make him feel bad about their relationship.

What do you think?

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