She Has A Stalker, But She’s Not Sure How To Bring This Up To The Guy That She’s Currently Seeing

Sofiia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl has been seeing a guy for the last several weeks, and everything between them is excellent so far.

Yesterday, she hopped onto social media and she felt sick when she noticed that her stalker ex had looked at her story.

She blocked him as fast as she could, but not before screenshotting his account and the fact that he was creeping on her again.

“Background on the stalker: He is my ex from 2 years ago,” she explained. “He broke up with me, and a few months after the breakup, he started harassing me through text and social media, begging to get back together.”

“Nothing deterred him; I tried ignoring and blocking, but he’d make new numbers/accounts. I would also tell him to leave me alone and that I was in a new relationship (which I was at the time).”

“This continued on for 6 months until I finally went to the police in November 2021. They filed an official report, but I didn’t press charges because I (stupidly) didn’t want to potentially complicate the situation; I just wanted him to leave me alone. Cops offered to call my ex to warn him to leave me alone, and I consented.”

The police did follow through with calling her ex and speaking to him, and then he disappeared. Her ex listened to the police, and he also deleted all of his profiles on social media.

It’s been 8 long months of silence and her ex has not attempted to contact her or find out what she’s up to.

That all changed yesterday, however, and she’s feeling anxious and upset all over again that this chapter of her life has not been closed.

Sofiia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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