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She’s Seeing A Guy Who Expects Her To Join Him On A Trip That She Simply Cannot Afford

She told her mom about the plans and her mom believes she shouldn’t be expected to pay for half of the hotel room as he invited her and booked the room already.

“I told him I truly can’t afford it as I’m not working this summer before the new semester at university,” she explained.

“To which he said later on (still begging me to come) that he could borrow me money to travel there and will pay him back later!”

After all of this, she thinks he should be the one footing the bill for everything if he wants her by his side at the event.

He’s now trying to guilt-trip her into going, and still pressuring her to pay for the hotel room too.

“Is it not fair that he pays most of it (no loan) for me to travel there if he so badly wants me to be there?” she wondered.

“He has a good summer job and can afford it! I think it’s unfair he keeps pressuring me about it knowing it’s his thing, not mine. And that I can’t afford it.”

Do you think this guy is being unreasonable, and do you think she should skip the trip?

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